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Local Search And Marketing Experts Basic Internet Marketing Philosophy

Today Google represents 85% of all search queries on the internet.  Google makes money selling search terms, so therefore they are never going to give anybody the secret to ranking.  Last year Google made over 400 changes to the algorithm that ranks pages.  Many business owners try to keep track of all this so that they can attempt to take care of their business sites themselves. Unfortunately keeping up to date on all of this is really a full time job.  At Local Search & Marketing Experts we offer to take care of all of your Internet marketing.  We want you to focus on what makes you successful, but we want to give you the tools so that those searching on the internet know you are successful!

In today’s world we have found a many things are necessary to keep your company on the front pages of Google.
1. SEO – (Search Engine Optimization).  This is setting up factors both internally and externally to make your site rank is the best it possibly can be.  It is actually encompassed by many things and actually includes all of the points here.  For purposes of simplification let’s call it off-site and on-site SEO.  So for this first point, we are going to say that your titles, descriptions, keywords and page densities for keywords must be in line and optimized for the things you want to rank or it will be very difficult to rank on Google.  Google has stressed good quality content, but honestly ranking is more a factor of just having acceptable content.  Quality content is more a factor in helping you to convert visitors to your site into customers.
2.  Off – site SEO is comprised of many things:
A.  Bookmarks – sites that list and categorize links to other sites
B.  Directories -sites that list and sort other sites by geographical and topical categories while also typically supplying descriptions and contact information.
C.  Social sites -this is one of today’s most important groups and includes many different types of sites with lots of different topics and reasons for existing.  Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Myspace, and Twitter are among the most popular sites that would fall into this category.  Having at least some presence on these sites is crucial to your success.
D.  Blogs -this is a wide and diverse group of sites from large groups of blogs on the Internet like WordPress.com and Blogger.com to individual pages, giving opinions and points on just about any topic you can name.

Massive Social Media
Google has made it perfectly clear that the future of ranking lies with having a social media presence.  All of the things listed above are a part of this.  By helping to properly format and keyword optimize the content on your site combined with an off-site plan for success you can see a continuous flow of bookmarks and social shares and the building of high page rank Back-links.  We provide all the services that you will need to be successful.

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Call us today so we can start helping you! 1. Customer Loyalty Program connecting to Dynamic Coupons / Offers / Specials
2. SMS Texting Programs
3. Appointment Confirmations
4. Mobile Websites
5. Installation of Mobile Websites to Smart Phones for instant access!

Who are we?Well we are:InternetMarketingLocalSearchandMarketingExperts-12Helping local business with it’s customer loyalty, customer retention, marketing, internet presence, mobile internet presence and Local Search presence on the internet.If you are great at what you do and have amazing service, but need help with this whole internet and mobile phone thing… hey, let’s talk!That internet thing is what we do and we are great at it and will provide you with great customer service!
Could you handle adding 50% or more to your clientele.
Do you have the infrastructure for that? If so, we can help! WHY LSAME?LSAME is great at creating a mobile & normal web presence !
Our concepts:
1. You must find ways to let current clientele know they are important and get them offers to keep using your business over and over.
2. You must use current clients satisfaction lead you to getting new clients.
3. You must have an internet presence in today’s world, but more importantly it must be a mobile ready presence – link to video!
4. You must be constantly getting your name, your message and your offers out all over the internet to gain new customers. You have heard SEO, but this is way more than SEO.InternetMarketingLocalSearchandMarketingExperts-11You have to understand what part of Search Engine Marketing is important and how to accomplish it! Eric developed these principles and methods in building his own business from 1998 – 2012. However differing from companies that were selling him marketing he feels all marketing must have measures in Place – thus he has his Google Guarantee!