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We specialize in Wedding Vendors, but our press releases will work for any business!

Authority press releases are press releases that differ from traditional press releases. The purpose of an authority press release is to let people within an industry or with the local community know about the achievements, new products or offerings or expertise of an individual, company or organization. These press releases are done in a traditional news story style. Whether in reference to an award, a milestone, an achievement, or a new product or service designed to help members of their industry or clientele, it is good to let the public where the industry know what’s going on.

Many business people spend their day and their career working hard and building their knowledge. Over a matter of time, they are experts in their field. The only way the general public becomes aware of this is if you let them know. Of course when someone is looking on the internet trying to find somebody that provides a product or a service, any differentiating factor between products or services can help in making that decision. Over the last several years, it became normal releases for search engine optimization purposes. This can still be the case with press release need to be for valid reasons.

Most companies do not have time to work on these sorts of documentation. That is why we have created a service so that customers can become more aware of the background and achievements of the companies they are considering hiring.

If your company has had a great achievement, passed a milestone, or have a great new product or service offering that can help the public, contact us, so that we can help you get this published all over the media. These press releases are distributed across a large variety, of print, television, internet news sites. We can also help with spreading these across social media to drive traffic to your site or your phone. Companies that struggle with new content put on their social media sites in their actual website can use the press release for post content.

Please call us today so that we can begin helping you to get a little more notoriety as an expert in your community or your industry. If you put the time in and have the knowledge, then you deserve to let people know!

1. release high ranking release site with great SEO and social sharing. Typically goes to about 50-120 sites and almost always places on Google News – $150

2. ABNewswire – This is a distribution service to a large variety of sources.  We are writing your release and submitting it.. We charge $75 to cover the writing and the submission.. you will get a report showing where the article is picked up. Typically published to 100-250 different locations. – $75

3. PRBuzz, ReleaseWire, MyPRGenie – publication, these online press outlets have decent clout themselves and syndicate to many others.  We charge $50 to submit your article to all 3 or $75 to write article and submit. – $75

4. Video Press Release – We submit to Datsyn site for syndication and we the create a video of your press release which we then submit to Yahoo optimized for your keywords.  This is $150 for a Video only or $100 combined with any of the above. – $150

COMBO PACKAGE – ALL ABOVE PACKAGES – for one press release – Separately priced – $450 – All for $300

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 Posted on : October 6, 2014