Our Story

LSAME is run and managed by Eric Godfrey.  Eric has been involved with the internet and Search Engine Marketing since before that was a term. In the 1990’s he served as a DMOZ Category Editor (DMOZ was one of the first directories online and remained one of the few managed by actual humans instead of robots for higher quality edited content),  he has been an Information Technology Director in a Fortune 500 company and has been owner of several small businesses over the last 20 years.

By using and constantly expanding his  expertise in customer service and online marketing, Eric’s businesses have maintained double digit and sometimes even triple digit growth nearly every year.  As a small business owner, he often tried fielding out his marketing to small and large agencies and companies, but was always extremely frustrated with the lack of or total absence of any ROI from his investments.  For this reason he studied, learned and tested, finding out what works and what does not work!

SEO is a “dirty word” to the Search Engines. However delivering good customer service, obtaining good reputation by asking for reviews and improving your service based on the feedback from bad reviews is always a good thing. Sharing those reviews across social media and other sites is a great idea that all the Search engines love.  Listing your company accurately across all directories is never a bad idea. Learning to weed out the things the search engines want without spamming is one of the key to success. That is how we help you.  Optimize your site on Google and all other directory sites, deliver great services, ask for reviews, share those reviews online, identify and fix customer service problems and then share your results all over the web.  We help you to optimize and automate this entire process!

Meet The Team

20 successful years of optimizing and growing small business via internet marketing

Eric Godfrey
Business Owner

25 years of service based business management and teaching proper customer service skills.

John (JP) Pali
Customer Accounts Manager

With 15 years in SEO – Internet Marketing, Brian manages are technical staff of workers and writers

Brian Profs
IM Manager