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WeDJ Offer

These are listings of all of our offers. Each payment button includes all programs listed above it!
Check out the bottom of the page for those of you that asked for deferred payment plans!

Service:  Cruise Special ONLY – 13 months – 1st month is set up. No separate set-ups Our normal price  Payment
This Offer / Mon
1. Reputation Control Panel ($197 setup)
24/7 monitoring of all reviews / automated messages for all clients to get reviews / Filtering of bad / good reviews to protect online accounts / Mobile App sign in
$197 monthly

2. CRM Platform / Review Pages ($200 setup)
Review pages on your site for display and collection of new reviews / posting of reviews on all of your social media accounts
$100 monthly + social automation below Incl. belw
3. Social Media Posting $250 setup –
We set up / or optimize 15 major social engines and connect to your system to automate posting of reviews and videos
1st time ever including set-up in a package like this.
$250 set-up
$100 / month for automation
Incl. belw
4. Mnthly Review Vid Post Package Deal: You choose Review/ Advert/ Service vid monthly that posts to site and to all social media accounts $297/ month

for all of above
See Options + bonuses**
5. Submit your company with proper NAP format to all 4 major data aggregators to get you to appear on as many national directories as possible. (2-3 months to complete all listings) – This is a $100 annual renewal $250 initially $100 annual renewal Incl. below
6. Monthly reports GMB, Search, Authority, Citations, etc. ($250 set-up) 5 monthly reports showing month to month gains and list of directories you can add to get more authority $197 monthly Incl. below
7. Monthly SEO Vid Spin 5 keywords – we will take your monthly video and give you 5 more uploads with varying keywords. $200 monthly

$299/mo for all of above
See Options + Bonuses*** Below
Ask us about other Marketing options!

** BONUS on $199 monthly plan above.  Upon completion of your 2nd payment we will create 3 bonus Review videos. You can send us interviews or point out reviews you want done or we will choose them at random if you do not specify anything else. Example of written review video below:

** BONUS on $299 monthly plan above.  Upon completion of your 2nd payment we will create 3 bonus Review videos as shown above. After completion of 3rd payment you will get a live video thumbnail campaign like the one done for 2020 WeDJ Cruise Convention – 12 video keywords plus thumbnail. Each video will be for different version of keywords of your choice.

YES! We listened! – During our one on one sessions several of you mentioned that you love these ideas…BUT we are in slowest season and you can not see paying these amounts for several months while we are in slow season with little to no income.  I hear you and I TOTALLY get that.. so creation of all of the set-ups above is very time consuming and only done for these crazy low prices knowing we have you in a 12 month contract after paying the set-up payment.

Here is what we can do.. We will charge you a one time fee for the Set-up and first month.  We will get you set-up done and add 2 months worth of content for the package you  bought.  We will then allow you wait 4 months before your next payment is due.  At that point you can move up one level on this program by asking to change your subscription.  You start then and make 11 more monthly payments and once you complete the contracted amount you own all of the properties, photos, listings etc.  So you are paying set-up and February 15th payment immediately.  Then your next payment is not due until May 15th.

*This offer is good on $199 and $299 monthly plans, NOT ON $99 monthly Review Control Panel only account.


PAYPAL offers 6 month “0” percent financing on purchases over $99, so that 1st payment can be split out over 6 months (via Paypal if they approve you) as long you complete paying it off before 6 month is up (July 15th). So you can pay minimums 1st 3 or 4 months while most of theses programs are still working for you (Monitoring reviews, adding customers to review panels, posting social media pictographs of your good reviews, Directories and  social media stay live the entire time!  If choosing this payment plan both bonuses for plans above will be completed after 1st monthly payment on subscription.

1. Buy set-up plus 1st month   2. Choose Subscription Plan to start 5th month

Partial or Full Plan



Jan 15th, 2019
Pay Set-up plus month 1 $398 or $598
2 of 13 total payments
Feb 15th, 2019
No payment – min pmt to Paypal
March 15th, 2019
No payment – min pmt to Paypal
Apr 15th, 2019
No payment – min pmt to Paypal
May 15th, 2019
start monthly pmts
3 of 13 total payments
Jun 15th, 2019
monthly pmt 4 of 13 total payments
Jul 15th, 2019
monthly pmt 5 of 13 total payments
Paypal balance must be paid from initial payment to avoid interest
Aug 15th, 2019
monthly pmt 6 of 13 total payments
Sep 15th, 2019
monthly pmt 7 of 13 total payments
Oct 15th, 2019
monthly pmt 8 of 13 total payments
Nov 15th, 2019
monthly pmt 9 of 13 total payments
Dec 15th, 2019
monthly pmt 10 of 13 total payments
Jan 15th, 2020
monthly pmt 11 of 13 total payments
Feb 15th, 2020
monthly pmt 12 of 13 total payments
March 15th, 2020
monthly pmt 13 of 13 total payments
Paid in full. Continue program or stop and you own all content.