Google Business Optimization

Our programs are all designed to help you do the proper things that Google and other Search Engines WANT to see you do! First thing is making sure all listings are correct and optimizing those listings. 1. Google – Checking and correcting Google Business Listing.  Create or verify listing with all correct information! – All photos on your profile should have geo-tagging and meta-tagging to identify you, your service and your location (Don’t know what those are? Don’t worry, we do and they will make you rank better online!) – Every field Google asks for should be filled in as completely as possible, paying particular attention to including keywords for your services rather than just paragraphs that say hello! Writing to optimize rankings is far different than writing in proper English!

2. Facebook repeat all of the steps above for Facebook!

3. Data Aggregators – These are the major data services that provide info to all of the online directories.  We have provided a list of these directories below! – Formulating your N.A.P.(NAP=Name,Address,Phone) so it is EXACTLY the same on every site is crucial. – If this is not done correctly the listing will not only count as a citation, it will act as a negative score factor in your ranking as it creates incorrect or conflicting information.  NAP issues are the #1 reason most businesses are not ranking properly.

4. Monitoring – We monitor your NAP and your major data aggregator accounts for 6 months to make certain they are updated properly. If not we re-submit to have them corrected. The number one factor in getting your locations to come up higher on Google Maps and also on Google itself is citations.. Citations are listings on sites and directories and are only counted if they get indexed and they have 100% consistency in NAP.  This is just as important as the items listed below.  Fixing the problem is a one time thing up front and then part of our program is monitoring it over time.

Google Business Submissions Our annual program is $495 (or $99 set-up and $40 monthly) to collect your info, check your NAP (Name Address and Phone) for consistency, add photos, logos, description, categories and hours and submit to all Data Aggregators.  We pay annually out of your account to Data Aggregators who provide data to all of the various Search Directories across the web.. There are literally thousands of these, We skip the middle men and go direct to the core companies that feed the data to the others.. All of them charge an annual fee for your listing.  We are a part of a national network that allows us to submit your data to all of these aggregators.

  1. Infogroup 2. NeuroStar / Localeze (NS/LE) 3. Factual 4. Acxiom

So once again, 1st year fee $495 (or $99 set-up and $40 monthly), Renewal are currently$480 or $40 monthly. (some of this goes direct to the aggregator services)

MONTHLY SERVICES – REPORTING Monthly Citation Service: $99 per month Monitoring of your citations, ranks and traffic.. We use a top of the line monitoring service to send you monthly reports on your Google Business, Google Page and other search engine rankings..  It monitors your citations and gives us lists of other citations that you should pursue.. We have a team that then goes and gets you 20 additional citations or maps per month to keep you ranking on these items from dropping and of course to keep it moving upward.  With this service combined with our other services, you should move to the 3 pack at the top of the Google Business Listing within about 3-6 months.  Sometimes we can go faster and dependent on competition, sometimes it can take a bit longer.
Correction of faulty listings count as 2 submissions, so we can create 20 or fix 10 or any combo of the two. *The Submission Program above is the set-up fee for  this program.  If we do not provide the Data Agregator Services above, there is a $199 set-up fee for this program.