Reputation Videos or Branded Service Videos

Reputation Marketing Videos

We can do our review videos from a written review or testimonial or a video review or testimonial. Video reviews are always our favorites, but it works very well either way!

SAMPLE VIDEO (From Written Review):
(Imagine this being about your company!)

SAMPLE VIDEO (From a Video Review):
(Imagine this being about your company!)

 Our Reputation Marketing Videos BETA Program provides you with:

Reputation Management Brand Marketing = REPUTATION MARKETING!

Watch the video above to see how you will get Review Videos, with Social Shares, Private Blogs and Web 2.0 Embeds providing you content for your website and social media sites!

All of our videos are posted to your Youtube page. We offer a Social Media/Video add-on to our video service that will automatically post every video to 10 different Video / Social Media sites.. When you are using our reputation panel and our video posts, The cost for sharing both is very small.  Ask us about this bundled package.**

Your Reviews videos are posted to (if you do not have one of these, we will post to one of our profiles or you can purchase our social account creation service!):

  • Youtube channel
  • Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter Account
  • Tumbler Page
  • Google Page
  • DailyMotion Channel
  • Linked in Profile
  • ASK US HOW TO GET YOUR OWN Vimeo Channel – VIMEO is one of the highest ranking citation on the internet so this channel gives you commercial videos on your own channel with a great Citation!

CALL NOW! (717) 327-4742 to set up your phone meeting and go over all the details of this great new program!


1. Guaranteed front page placement for your “Buying Keyword” variations if you participate in our Advanced SEO Package below (guarantee 4 of 12 terms on front page of Google).  

Buying Keywords are variations of our city and service with modifiers attached.  i.e.  for term Lancaster Cosmetic Dentist someone might search “Best Lancaster Cosmetic Dentist”. That is a buying keyword. We guarantee 1/3 of those terms to rank each month in most cities. *Larger cities will require an additional fee in order to be guaranteed if over 100,000 in population.  We also guarantee we will get your company name with city and reviews on the front page of Google in your city. 

The production company creating these videos optimizes for your name and your city on upload.  We take that a step further, by spinning the videos in your market for your city and business service so customers will find you even when not looking for you by name!

People that are serious about buying and more serious about quality are going to add modifiers like “Best” & “Top” before the city or keyword or “Prices” and “Reviews” before or after, People that are cost conscious will add words like “Discounts”,”Deals”, “Specials”, and “Coupons” with search terms.  There are 4 variations that people use when searching for a service in a certain area.. They might search for [service “In” City”] or  [Find a “City” Service”].  Some people search for [“City” “Service”] while other search for [“City” “Service”].  You have your choice of 5 extra buying keywords per month besides your main keywords.
*** Some customers choose to use us to provide them with videos only and we get that.. others just want more reviews.  Our system works great for either.. but the auto sharing functions of these programs are extremely useful and valuable and we always recommend using them! Our bundled package makes all 3 extremely affordable!

Video Only
for web and site presence
Video Ranking Package
Low-Med Competition
Advanced SEO
Video Ranking Package
Med-High Competition
Video uploaded via LiveStream on Youtube YES YES YES
Share to your Facebook Profile & Page,
Twitter, Linked-In, Youtube, Google , Tumblr, DailyMotion Accounts
yours or ours (need access) yours or ours (need access) yours or ours (need access)
Share on all Youtube Share Accounts
Upload to 5 Youtube Channels under 5 different keyword variations YES YES – Will optimize for 12 keyword variations per month!
Video Site Uploads 1 6 6
Total # of Web 2.0/ Private Blog
links provided
10 500-800
Will optimize embeds for 2 keyword variations per month!
Will optimize for 12 keyword variations per month!
One Time Price $297 $250 (not including original video) $500 (not including original video)
Monthly Program Benefits – 1 month fee for
set-up and then video services listed monthly for 12 months/ payments Set-up includes:
1. Keyword Analysis with Long tail Traffic Report
2. Intro-Outro Thumbnails for videos and to use on your own  Pinterest,
Instagram, Facebook, etc posts
3. Connection to all Social Media Accounts
12 months =
13 payments of $250
(*Contact us for discounted mixed rates with reputation & citation services)
12 months =
13 payments of$375
(includes initial video)
(*Contact us for discounted mixed rates with reputation & citation services)
12 months =
13 payments of $500
(includes initial video)
(*Contact us for discounted mixed rates with reputation & citation services)