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Importance of Reputation Marketing & Monitoring – Bright Local 2017 Consumer Survey

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Hello out there, this is Eric with Local Search and Marketing Experts.. We just recevied the Bright Local 2017 Consumer Survey Results and we are so excited I had to share them with you. Bright Local is one of the most respected tracking services for companies to gauge their online presence.

The results of this survey confirm what we at LSAME have been telling people for years!

Check out all of these survey results!

97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2017, with 12% looking every day
The big question is… What are they seeing about you and your business?

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations!

Positive reviews increase the trust of businesses for 73% of consumers.

However, Consumers need to see an average of 7 reviews before trusting a business – up from 6 last year. So 7 is minimum, but how many do your competitors have.. You need a similar amount or more!

49% of consumers need at least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business!
Responding to reviews is more important than ever, with 30% naming this as key when judging local businesses!

68% of consumers left a local business review when asked – with 74% having been asked for their feedback. But let me share a little secret with you.. If you do not ask for reviews.. you probably are not getting many… if any at all!

A huge stat is that People are becoming less likely to visit businesses’ websites after reading their online reviews – a 17% drop just since 2016.
So how many sites are showing your reviews.. Are you posting them to all of the major social media sites.. We take care of that for all of our clients.

and one last major stat – 32% of consumers read local reviews on mobile apps this year (a growth of 14% from 2016). So if you are not getting those reviews onto all the major review sites or social media.. they may never see them at all.

At LSAME, our system walks you through all of this and much more, giving you control over your reviews and allowing you to identify upset customers before they leave bad reviews online, so you can turn them around. Call us today and take control of your online presense. Get a free report showing all your online information at once on our website so you can identify if you have any hidden issues.. Call today and we can start helping you tomorrow.

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